1. My Major Project: Healthy Living

For my major project I have picked to do option B, which is to learn about something that is significant to me, and track my progress of the learning I have done. I wanted to pick something that I would continue doing even after the project was complete for the class, and that I would be able to use in my future classrooms. Since I am majoring in health, I have decided that my topic for the project will be: healthy living.

As a child I participated in many organized sports and got a lot of physical activity. However, once I got into university I stopped. I became busy with school, volunteering, and work, and did not find time to balance in the healthy life style I used to have when I played sports all the time. Lately, I have felt the need for change. So, for this project, I plan on learning how to live healthy by eating healthier and finding time for physical activity everyday. For me, this is not about becoming muscular or ultra thin or anything, it is about feeling better about the body I live in which will give me a more positive attitude. I want to feel more motivated, and feel better towards who I am all around. My goal by doing this project is to be able to be a positive role model for my future students to show them what the benefits of physical activity and healthy living can be (feeling better about yourself, getting sick less because you are healthy, less acne because of less fast food, more alert during the day, etc.).

This relates to the physical education curriculum and the health curriculum. The physical education curriculum has outcomes that look at making plans about physical activity, finding safe ways to gain strength, and the promotion of health-related and skill-related components of fitness. The health curriculum has outcomes that look at healthy food plans, body image satisfaction, and health promotion. If I plan on teaching my students about these subjects and want them to participate in them, I too have to participate in them and be a positive role model of what I expect.

As of now, I am starting to work out at the YMCA of Regina. I have started by doing the basic cardio machines and doing basic ab work outs, but through the help of the internet and a personal trainer, I plan on finding and learning how to do work outs for each specific area of my body, and learning how to use the machines that assist this. I also plan on attending fitness classes such as spin class, yoga, and zumba, so that I am able to “dip my toes” into forms of physical activity. I have also started walking or biking to work, as a way to get in some physical activity each day if I am not able to complete a full work out.

Through the use of the internet and my personal trainer, I have also started a healthy eating plan. I have cut back on my sugar and fat intakes, and have been eating more fruits and vegetables. I have also cut out eating at fast food restaurants, which allows me to eat more healthy, home made meals. The other thing I have done is began to drink more water and milk, since before I would resort to pop since it was easy to access.

Right now, I have already started feeling better about myself. I feel less tired and sluggish throughout the day, which gives me the motivation to do more during my days. It is also helping me to feel more confident and proud about who I am.


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