10. Healthy Recipes

A part of my project was to start eating healthier. I have always enjoyed eating fruits and vegetables, but I am someone who also enjoys snacking throughout the day. I started cutting back on my snacking, and have been eating three major meals a day, and a snack at night. It makes me feel better because I do not crave junk food like I would before. However, just eating fruits and vegetables was not enough for me. I decided that I wanted to look up different healthy recipes and make meals from them. I found 3 great blogs with lists of recipes for different meals and desserts:

1. Peanut Butter Fingers

2. The Meals

3. Fitnessista

These blogs have great ideas, and so far most of the recipes I have tried are delicious. My favourite recipe has been one for vegan chocolate raspberry cookies. Whenever I heard the word “vegan” being used when talking about food, I honestly thought it sounded gross. However, after making these cookies and trying them, they are my new favourite treat! Who knew something healthy could be so good!

Why are these recipes useful for me being a future educator? I know that on countless occasions my teachers would bring in treats for us to class. Cake, ice cream, cookies, you name it. I think that if I could bring in healthy snacks that are still tasty, it would encourage healthy eating for my students and improve their lifestyles!


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