12. Before and After

Even though I have only been doing this project for about a month, I feel like I have had a transformation. Because of the changes I have made to my lifestyle, I feel healthier, happier, and more motivated. I used to find it hard to get up in the morning and get everything done that I needed in the day, but now I feel like I can get things done more efficiently. I have enjoyed trying making healthy meals with foods that I would have never expected I would have enjoyed. I also think that all of the physical activity I have been getting has made me have a more positive attitude towards things, because I am not sitting around being lazy all of the time.

Healthy living is something I truly believe that could make a difference in a student’s life. If they see how healthy living has made me more positive and has made me feel more positive about myself, maybe that will encourage them to be the same. I know that kids struggle with obesity and self esteem issues. By providing a healthy lifestyle environment in the classroom, it could help to reduce these problems which could truly benefit the children.

I have enjoyed this project a lot. It is unlike any project I have ever done, and I have been lucky enough to learn a lot through people at the YMCA, friends and family, and the internet. From here, I plan on continuing this healthy living. I plan on continuing to get physical activity everyday (even if it is only a walk to and from work). I want to try more of the courses that the YMCA has to offer, like body blast. I want to continue finding recipes to try and testing out what new meals are like. Lastly, I want to look for more resources that provide healthy kid programs in the curriculum. I want ideas about how I can promote a healthy environment.

I have created a timeline that shows my progress through this project. Thank you for reading and following my journey through this healthy living project, and I hope it inspires you to give it a try!


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