2. YMCA Membership

I have a gym membership at the YMCA of Regina, so that is where I will be going to use the fitness equipment and participate in the fitness classes. The YMCA has a lot of different classes to offer which has given me a lot of choices when deciding which ones are the best for me. On top of using the fitness equipment for weight machines and treadmills, I plan on using the swimming pool to swim laps, and I plan on trying out a spin class and a zumba class. I have heard a lot of good things about zumba classes; they keep you moving and shaking while you have fun. It sounds like something that I would enjoy! I also want to try a spin class because I have always been someone who enjoys biking. I look forward to trying out the classes to see what other kinds of physical activity are offered at the gym, rather than just working out on my own!

Here it the YMCA website that shows some of the other fitness classes that they offer!


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