4. Social Networking Help

For my major project I knew that I wanted to incorporate more physical activity into my life, and start to eat healthier, but I had no clue where to start. Since ECMP 355 is all about technology, I decided to use technology to help me! I went onto Facebook and Instagram and asked my fellow social networking friends for some help! I asked them to provide me with work outs, recipes, iPod applications, motivational tips, etc, and they were very helpful! This is what my Facebook help looks like:

I have a favour to ask! In my ECMP 355 class I am showing how technology helped me to complete my major project. My major project is all about healthy living (more specifically getting more physical activity and eating healthier). If you could pass on work out plans, eating plans, healthy recipes, website links, or just tips for me that would be awesome! Thanks!

  • Taylor:  My fitness pal. It’s technology and really works.
  • Jordan: Someone else just suggested that to me too, Taylor! Is it from the Apple app store or something else? 
  • Sarah: weight watchers lol
  • Sarah: but that costs money..plus you dont need to lose weight although it is a great tool for figuring out the right amount of food you should be eating a day
  • Jordan: Yeah, I am trying to just stay at the YMCA since that’s where my membership is, but I will take a look at that online! Thanks Puppet!
  • Heidi: well if you are like me you don’t need to work out to be sooo amazingly beautiful!!!! Just plastic surgery!!!!! lol
  • Lauren: I was going to suggest my fitness pal too! Its awesome. Beachbody workouts are also good! Same makers of P90x
  • Aidan: Most of the trendy diets are so dangerous for you. Dr. Atkins (creator of the ‘Atkin’s Diet’) for example, is believed to have died because of the malnutrition his diet plan caused. People need to tread carefully with these diet fads! They can be dangerous! The biggest part of eating healthy is eating CLEAN, food thats in its least processed state.
  • Jordan: Thanks Lauren, I will take a look! And Aidan I agree. I am not looking to diet at all, I want to eat clean!
  • Aidan: Eating small meals throughout the day is also good! Snack on a handful of veggies, eat colourful plates of food, and don’t be scared to google ingredients you don’t know! A lot of artificial sweeteners are so much worse for you then just plain old sugar, same goes for many flavouring ingredients.
  • Aidan: Also the My Fitness Pal app helps you monitor calorie intake and nutritional info on the foods you eat by scanning the barcode! Its sweet.
  • Jodie: There’s and app for apple called my plate by livestrong! You write in what you ate during the day and your exercise plans and it calculate how much weight your losing plus it also shows the percent differences in what your eating by separating carbs, fats and proteins you are consuming! There’s a free one that works just as well as the paid one! It’s pretty cool

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