Common Sense According to Kumashiro

The first reading assignment that was asked to be completed was from the text book Against Common Sense: Teaching & Learning Towards Social Justice. I found this reading interesting. It discussed building networks of trust, preparing students to succeed in whatever context they find themselves, and common sense. After discussing what we thought Kumashiro meant by “common sense”, my staff group and I came up with a response. We thought that Kumashiro wanted to show through his writing that “common sense” represents things that are taken for granted, or norms. We said that it is important to pay attention to what common sense is depending on where you are and who you are. This is important because common sense is different to different people and different places.

After reading a part in the text that says “curriculum standards reflect what students should know and be able to do”, I had a question. Who decides what the standards are? Who decides what students should know and should be able to do? I have never thought about who creates the curriculum, so it is something that I would like to learn more about.

One quote that caught my eye during the reading was “progressive change happens not merely when a strong individual assumes a position of leadership, but more importantly, when each one of us assumes responsibility to lead, take action, and build movement”. I enjoyed this quote because it shows that if individuals work together, change can be made, rather than one person trying to be a “hero” and change everything on their own. This quote could help in my future teachings because I find that it relates to collaborative teaching. By teachers working together and sharing their ideas, more positive outcomes can be accomplished. This improves the teaching experiences for both the educators, and the students.


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