Helping Hand

I am currently working at my friend’s day care, so I spend my entire day with kids. All week I have been hearing from one of the girls that she cannot wait to go to school to find out if she will be the helping hand. Yesterday, she came up to me after she came home from pre-school and told me how excited she was because she had finally been picked to be the “helping hand”. When I asked what that meant, she said she got to tell everyone what the date was, count to 10 for everyone, and help hand out anything her teacher needed help with. The excited that this girl had about these jobs made me think that in my future classroom, if I could have something like this set up, it would make some of my students excited about coming to class everyday hoping that they would get their chance to be the helping hand. This girl showed me that the little things in life really do matter, and as a teacher I can do simple things like the “helping hand” to keep my students excited.


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