Tech Task #5

On Wednesday, a group of four of us had a Skype call where we discussed questions that were given to us and collaboratively created a Google doc, and then were asked to either create an audio or visual recap of our experience of learning in an online synchronous format. I have chosen to use Wordle as a visual representation of my experience of the learning session. The words shown in the wordle that I created are from the Google doc that my group and I created together.

Overall, I thought that the experience was very interesting. I have never used Skype before, or a collaborative Google doc. I was amazed when I was using Skype because I was sitting on my floor and was able to talk to three other people in the comfort of my own home. I did not understand how the Google doc was going to work at first, but once we started I was amazed! I was able to watch everyone else type on my screen, while I was also typing myself! I would love to be able to do more sessions like this because you are able to do it anywhere that has internet access, so do not always have to worry about finding a meeting spot.

I would use this in my future classrooms. A great way for this to be put to use would be when the students have group projects. They would be able to communicate with each other at home, or any where else they have internet access, and could add on information to the Google doc whenever they needed to, without always having to worry about meeting at a certain place and time.


  • Do not have to plan a meeting spot. Can do it on your own time.
  • Can access Google doc anywhere that has internet access so you do not have to worry about one person keeping track of everything.
  • Is user friendly (does not take a lot of time to get used to how everything works).


  • Google docs froze a bit when everyone was typing on it at once.
  • If someone does not have access to a computer that has the necessary tools for Skype (or a computer at all), this tool may a bit inconvenient for them.
  • Sometimes Skype did not work for the audio part which did not make it possible to hear other members.

I really enjoyed the use of Skype and the Google doc, and hope that I can find ways to use it more! Below you will see a picture of my Wordle!



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