Tech Task #7

For tech task #7, we were to create a rubric based on an outcome of our choice. I picked to create my rubric for a grade 9 health class with the outcome “Analyze the health, economic, and social supports and challenges of addictions (e.g., tobacco, shopping, alcohol, gambling, Internet, drugs) on self, family, community, and the environment”.  For my rubric I said that my students would be using a power point/hyper studio presentation, and that is what they are being graded on. They are being graded on their research, their originality, the effectiveness of the presentation, and their spelling/grammar within the presentation. Here is the rubric I created.

To create the rubric I used Rubistar. Rubistar is a website that assists teachers in creating rubrics. This is not my first time using this website, but it was a more positive experience. The first time I used the website I was confused and did not know how to create what I wanted. However, this time I found that I was able to create it easily without having to find someone to help me. I picked exactly what I wanted to be in the rubric, and what the rubric would be based on (grading a power point, grading an essay, etc). I would suggest this tool to other teachers since it is a great source to help you learn how to create rubrics.


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