Talking About Race

After talking about race in the lecture, I was shocked about many of the things that were brought to my attention. To me it seems that race can be viewed in such a negative way by people. Being associated with a particular race brings on so many stereotypes. If someone identities themselves as a particular race, people right away have an idea of what that person is like based on what they have heard.  I was shocked to hear how people are wrote about in text books depending on where they are from in the world. I have heard about and talked about racism in classes before, but the readings and discussions defiantly brought to my attention how severe things were and are towards race.

Though I was uncomfortable doing the activity, I think that the “sorting race” activity done during the seminar had a good purpose to it. I was uncomfortable because I felt judgmental during it all, and it made me feel guilty about the reasons I came up with as to why I felt people were a certain race. However, I think that this activity helped us to open up and talk about race as a class. It is important because it is something that we could face as future educators, so by being able to talk to each other about it, we can help find ways to handle certain situations revolving that come up with it. This can also help to find ways that we can bring up this topic in a classroom without being uncomfortable.

One point that I did agree with during our seminar discussion was that there is a difference between race and racism. It is alright to ask people where they are from, or make guesses. To ask someone where they are from is one thing, but to ask people if they like certain things or do certain things because of where they are is another. An example talked about to make this more clear would be assuming everyone from Germany enjoys beer. That is a predetermined fact that people assume they know without even getting to know an individual.


One thought on “Talking About Race

  1. Do you think that we need to discuss the difference between race and racism to our students? Could such a discussion be used to teach diversity and cultural identities/awareness?

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