How Stories Shape Our Lives – Part 2

ehe picture


The photo above is a photo I had presented to me when learning about creating safe places. The drawing was done by a boy who is gay, but had to hide this from everyone else because of his culture. The drawing shows him taking out his identity, but hiding it because of what he thought others would say and was scared. After some time of hiding who he was he went to a camp and was surrounded by people who were also gay. He was finally able to relate to others, gain allies, and show his true identity.

I am connecting this drawing to the story “Out Front” by Annie Johnston. In the story Johnston talks about the importance of allies, role models, and anti-slur policies in school in order to make all students feel comfortable. This story talks about how students should not have to hide or be embarrassed about the gay or lesbian family members they may have. I think this feeling should be the same for people who are gay or lesbian. They should not have to hide their identity in order to feel safe and welcomed. If a school environment is created that works towards acting against homophobia, less students will feel need to keep their identity hidden. My hope as a future teacher is to create an environment that the boy who drew the picture represents in the final frame of the drawing. I want me students to be happy about who they are and feel safe to share who they are, not matter what they identify as.



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