What is a Good Student?

The common sense definition of a “good student” from my experiences is very specific. A “good student” will sit still, only talk when they raise their hand or have been called upon, hand in all of their homework on time, get good grades, and never miss a day of school. In my experiences with this, if you did not fall under this category, the teacher did not treat you with the same respect as those that were known as the good students. To me, this is wrong though. The majority of the class does not fall into this perfect mold.

This mold leaves out the students who do not receive high marks all of the time. The students who might have ADHD or need to be moving in order to stay focused. The students who are called upon and do not know the answer. The students who were not able to complete the assignment on time because of a situation outside of school. I think that students who do not meet the specific mold and do not receive the same respect may not feel like they are as valued in the classroom. This can cause the student to be less successful and have a negative experience in the classroom.

I think as future educators it is our responsibility to give all students the opportunity to be a good student. A good student will not be the same for each student because everyone’s abilities and highest potential are not the same. By trying to engage all of the students and giving everyone the opportunity to be successful, they have the chance to show how they can be. I cannot define what a good student is with an exact definition because I think it will be different with each student that I encounter.


One thought on “What is a Good Student?

  1. I agree with what has been mentioned. I do not think that it is right to have one or some students be classified as “perfect students”. Yes, you may have students that are more quiet and behave better than some but teachers are not always aware of the background of the other students. As mentioned, some students may have ADHD, which means they are unable to sit still in class. So how is it fair to compare an extremely quiet and shy student who keeps to themselves to a child with ADHD who must constantly be doing something and cannot sit still. It is not that students fault and I do not think it’s right to classify different students, especially because they are unable to change that about themselves.

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