Technology – What is Possible and Impossible?

One thing I feel that is made possible through the usage of technology is the diverse teaching styles that can be brought into the classroom.  All students that come into classrooms will be different from one another, so it is important to find techniques that meet all of the learning needs/styles in the classroom. Technology has made it possible to accomplish this. There are forms of technology that assist with reading and writing problems. Classroom management websites to help improve students behaviour in the classroom. Hands on technology to assist with science dissections. The forms of technology that can be used in the classroom seems endless. If something is not working in the class, it is easy to find something else that will. It may take time to learn how to use the forms of technology that a teacher chooses to use, but the results can be rewarding.

I think that technology is beginning to make it hard for people to do things without the use of it. It is rare, in my experiences, to have someone to ask me to hand write an assignment. Or to be asked to not use a calculator in class. Or to communicate with someone only through face to face interactions. Now, there is nothing wrong with using technology to complete tasks, or to communicate. However, I think that if this is completely relied on, important life skills will be lost or not valued. Cursive writing is no longer taught in schools, calculators make it possible to just find answers without showing work, and technology makes it harder for people to have conversations face to face. I think it is important to bring in technology so that different styles of teaching can be demonstrated, but I also think that other skills need to be taught so that it is not completely relied on.