Expect Students to be Different

In order to have a positive school year that creates relationships, confidence, and an overall successful learning experience, I think it is important as a teacher to get to know the students you will be teaching. When I begin teaching, I want to get to know each of my students, and I want my students to get to know me. This relationship is key in my mind. It helps to make a safe, comfortable environment, as well as assists in getting to know the students interests and needs, which can help when choosing instructional strategies. Choosing specific instructional strategies for each students is important in my mind, because each student that I encounter will be different.

When reading the article Implications for Diverse Classrooms, I read a lot of tips about working with specific students which I think could be useful for all students, not just those who might be struggling. In the article, a list of nine strategies was given to assist in working with students who are struggling. A few of the strategies listed are: frequently vary your instructional technique, develop lessons around students’ interests, needs, and experiences, and provide an encouraging, supportive environment. These strategies should all be considered while planning for all of the students in the classroom. A learning experience will be more enjoyable and more successful for both the students and the teacher if interests, needs, varieties of techniques, and encouragement are all considered and included in instructional planning and implementation.

One point made in the article that stood out to me was looking for something unique that each student can do. Each student will have a unique personality and unique abilities. In order to have students feel comfortable and excited about sharing their uniqueness, something should be done that gives them the opportunity to do so. This could be as simple as having a sharing period where students can talk about what they enjoy. Once I discover something unique about each of my students, I want to give them the option to apply it to the classroom learning by having options on assignments or having them voice their opinions about what they want to learn. I think by doing this it will give my students a sense of empowerment, appreciation, and it will help to build strong relationships which can make a large difference in a classroom.


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