Goals for Pre-Internship Experience

After having two days worth of observation in the school I will be completing my pre-internship experience in, I am feeling nervous and excited. I am nervous because I now know that my experience will not be like I had anticipated. I do not have one co-op teacher and one subject area. I have four different teachers who all specialize in different subject areas. However, despite this feeling of nervousness, I am excited to learn from all of my co-op teachers, the students, and the rest of the school about what it is like to be a teacher. I have set myself three goals for my experience that I hope to complete in order to make my experience more successful. They are as follows:

Goal #1: Take Chances

My pre-internship experience is going to be different than I had anticipated. I thought I would mostly be in a health class, since that is my major. However, I have four co-op teachers and will be planning for health, psychology, English, and environmental science. When I first found this out, I was overwhelmed, and I still am. However, learning this has also made me set myself the goal of “taking chances”. Even though I might not be comfortable with psychology, English, or environmental science, I am not going to let it hold me back. I am going to try and plan engaging lessons, and all I can hope for is that I learn from them. I know that my co-ops will help me in any way, so I want to take this opportunity to try something new without being scared to fail.

Goal #2: Stay Organized

I have already become overwhelmed with the amount of work I find myself having to get done. Between planning for four different subject areas, going on an out of school trip each week, and having university assignments on top of that, I am having difficulties finding time to get it all done. My goal is to stay organized, and get my lessons and homework done at least a day before it is due. I have the tendency to do everything last minute. Having everything done a day before will lower my stress levels, and will give me more time to review the lessons I am implementing.

Goal #3: Ask Questions

The third goal I have set for my pre-internship is to ask questions. I generally do not like to ask a lot of questions, but I think this is a great opportunity that I have to take full advantage of. My goal is to ask at least 3 questions each day, and write down the responses. I think that by asking questions to different people within the school, whether it is my co-op teachers, students, or other staff members at the school, I will be able to improve my teaching skills. I plan on using this information to help shape the teacher I become, so the more I learn, the better.

I am looking forward to this experience and hope that these goals help to guide me in a successful and positive experience.


2 thoughts on “Goals for Pre-Internship Experience

  1. Nice goals, Jordan! Sounds like quite a challenge having to plan for all of those different subject areas. I’d be curious to hear more about why your classroom is structured in this way – is it an inclusion model?

    • My main cooperating teacher is the student support teacher. During periods three and six we give individualized help to students in this program. For English, health, and psychology we were just kind of put there to get into different classrooms. Some of these classes are inclusive, some are not. It is a bit confusing to explain, and overwhelming at times, but a great experience.

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