Assessment in the Classroom

Assessment is a necessary factor in a classroom. I think it is important because it helps teachers to understand what the students already know, what the students need to know, and what activities worked well or did not work well. I think that assessment can be used in order to benefit the students, by showing them what they are learning and what they can work on. I also think it benefits the teachers by helping them get to know what forms of assessment work best for certain students. Assessment is also a necessary factor because it indicates whether or not the outcomes for each subject areas are being taught effectively or not. If students do poorly on some form of assessment, it can show the teacher that this area needs to be worked on longer in order for students to have a strong grasp on it.

I think that teachers can ensure assessment is benefiting the students by creating assessments that are engaging and incorporate student strengths and abilities. For me, anything having to do with a test is not an appropriate way of demonstrating my knowledge. I know that sometimes it has to happen, but when I used to be in math classes, I could get 100% on every ‘homework check’, and then fail the test. This is because I would get so panicked in test situations and forget everything I had learned. Based on that experience, and since I plan on teaching health, I might give some exams because it will benefit some students, but I plan on having the majority of my assessment revolved around students demonstrating the knowledge they gained. I think that this helps for me to assess whether or not students have a true understanding of the material, or if they are just memorizing the information given. The assessment I plan in my future classrooms will be based on the students in my class, and the content I am teaching.



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