Chaos and Courage

The first week of pre-internship was one of the most overwhelming, yet fulfilling, weeks I have had in university thus far. I was able to teach health 09, ELA 09, psychology 20, and environmental science 20. In the beginning, I thought that the entire experience was far too overwhelming. I was comfortable teaching health, but everything else made me cringe. I was scared about how I would plan the lessons, what would happen if a student asked me a question about the subject matter and I did not know the answer to it, and whether or not I was providing beneficial lessons to everyone. However, after teaching a lesson in each, I have come to realize that I have been paired with four amazing cooperating teachers who are always there to help, and who constantly remind me that this is the time to make mistakes and try new things. They helped me to understand that I will not always know the answer to every question that a student has, and that not all of my lessons will excite everyone. However, all I can do is try my best.

One of the best experiences I can take from the week is having the opportunity of going out to Grand Coulee with some of the students and providing therapeutic work. I was able to run a music station, and physical education station, to some of the students from both schools who have disabilities. It was an experience that I was able to learn a lot from. I learned about making adaptations quickly, as well as how to deal with certain behavioural issues that can arise. I took a lot from this morning out in Grand Coulee and cannot wait to go back again this week and see what else I can learn.

The last thing that I got to experience was planning for students who need additional assistance. Since I would like to become a student support teacher, I will have to think a lot about modifications for students who need more help. I was lucky enough to sit in on a teacher and parent meeting that dealt with finding additional support. I learned about what support is out there, and what all a school can provide.

Overall, though chaotic at times, I have enjoyed my pre-internship a lot and cannot wait to see what this week has to offer.


One thought on “Chaos and Courage

  1. I think chaos is a pretty common element of everyone’s pre-internships. It really puts what we’ve learned in our classes to the test. You especially seem to have a chance to apply everything about differentiation, so I hope it works out!

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