Classroom Management Skills

After my second week of pre-internship, I have been able to experiment with and learn the most about classroom management. During classes, it is easy to say what your classroom management ideas are, but I found that it quickly changes when you are set in a classroom. Personally, I enjoy a classroom with more structure. When there are classroom discussions, I cannot handle having everyone blurt out their answers at the same time. This week, I tried to emphasize the importance of raising hands to share. I would ignore students who did not raise their hands, which was difficult for me to do at times, but it helped enforce the rule of hands up. I felt that by having the students raise their hands, it made it clear that everyone was able to share, but that it had to be done in a way that would allow everyone to be heard.

One situation I found difficult this week was knowing what to do with students who are not willing to work. Some teachers have the mind set that “as long as they are not disturbing anyone, they are fine”. However, I do not agree with this. I feel that if a student is in my class, they have to participate so that I am able to evaluate what information they have been gathering. During one situation, I noticed a girl who was drawing pictures rather than completing the assignment that I had given. Usually, the classroom teacher would allow this to happen, but I chose to sit next to her and work with her side by side to ensure that she was staying on task and completing what she had to.

Classroom management is something that I will constantly be learning about as I enter new classroom settings. However, after this experience, I feel comfortable with my classroom management skills. I was able to keep the class on task, as well as stay calm and make changes when unexpected situations happened.


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