Overcoming Challenges

This pre-internship experience has taught me how to overcome challenges, and to be open to change. During my experience, I was only able to teach my major one time. This was a shock for me considering the entire semester had been about me preparing lessons and assessment to teach based on my major. Rather than teaching my major, which is health, I taught English, individual environmental science, and psychology.

My teaching philosophy has always revolved around having different activities for students in order to help everyone achieve success in a way that best suits them. I was able to incorporate this idea into the lessons I planned for psychology and environmental science, but I struggled with this during my English lesson planning. At first, all I could think of for English assignments had to do with reading and answering questions. This works at times, but I wanted to change it up so that my students were engaged and interested in what I was teaching. I ended up doing a class debate, which I found worked well. All the students found information and presented it in a respectful manner. They took the activity quite seriously, which was re ensuring  to see considering I did not know how it would work with the group of students I had. I know that classes might not always be this exciting, but it taught me to think outside of the box.

Because of this challenging experience, I was not only able to work on my teaching skills, but on my stress management skills. It was a busy three weeks, so it taught me the importance of staying organized. I made sure to get things done that had top priority, and look for additional support when needed.


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