Examples of Student Work

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I have attached two images of student work that was completed during my pre-internship experience. The first is one of the creative pieces a student submitted during the lesson on chronic illness. This piece of work was the first one to be presented, and it shocked me with how honest and open this student was in their writing. It made me realize that I have to gain trust in order for students to open up and share stories such as this one. This required the entire class to show a lot of respect, and to have a safe environment to share it in. The second image I have attached is the secret wall. During the health class, students were asked to write down any secret they wanted without putting their name on it. This was a way for students to feel comfortable in this environment, but not feel the pressure of everyone knowing it was them.


One thought on “Examples of Student Work

  1. In the future, you may want to scan in student work so that it is more readable. Also, think about linking to the corresponding lesson plans. And again, this kind of thing should be on a page so that you can really showcase it!

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