Pre-Internship Lesson Plans

Lesson #1 – Health 

This lesson plan is one I created for a grade 9 health class. The outcome that was being covered was about chronic illness. I had a class discussion about what chronic illness is and what some examples are, and then I had students create some kind of creative piece of work to demonstrate what it would be like to either have a chronic illness, or be close with someone who has one. I think that this was the strongest lesson I created during my pre-internship experience. I was able to gain the trust of my students in order to talk about a difficult subject, and had excellent pieces of work turned in as a result. I had strong classroom management skills which helped keep everything running smoothly and make for a comforting classroom environment. The only thing I would have changed about this lesson is making the work period on day two a bit shorter, since we missed having three students present. Other than that, I am pleased with the outcome of this lesson.


Lesson #2 – Physical Education

During this lesson, my partner and I used team teaching to teach zumba. We started with some class icebreaker and warm up activities in order to make everyone more comfortable, and then split into two groups to learn the zumba routines. Once each group was given time to learn it, they had a “dance off” with the other group where they performed what they just learned. The feedback I received on this lesson from the cooperating teacher I had was making sure that all technology was ready and running smoothly before hand. The videos took longer to load than we had anticipated, which put the class behind a bit and made everything seemed rushed at the end. This is part of making sure all materials are together and ready to go before the lesson. Overall, this lesson was fun to participate in with the students.


Lesson #3 – Psychology

This lesson taught the students about the endocrine system. We had students watch a short video, gave a lecture, and then gave a hand out to be completed. This lesson ran smoothly, but I had extra time at the end that I did not know what to do with. I ended up having the class do the Clap, Slap, Hooray activity. My cooperating teacher told me that I should always have extra activities planned so that if there is extra time to kill, I do not panic. I agree with this feedback, and have to start planning extra since sometimes lessons go faster than anticipated.


Lesson #4 – Psychology 

The final lesson I have attached was one of my favourite to teach. The class was learning about multiple intelligences, so I created station activities for the students to complete to see what each intelligence focused on. I thought that this was a fun lesson to teach because students had hands on activities which emphasized what they were learning.


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