Professional Growth – Time Management Skills

During my pre-internship experience, the area which I grew the most professionally in is time management skills. I am generally an organized person, but it can be difficult to stick with time lines in a classroom because you cannot control everything that will happen with the students. I have attached two of the lessons that I taught during pre-internship. These lessons demonstrate my growth towards stronger classroom management skills.


English Lesson #1 – Before Professional Growth

English Lesson #2 – After Professional Growth


During the first lesson I taught in English, I had an idea about the time line I wanted to follow in order to cover all the content I planned. However, this quickly changed when I was teaching. Students would ask more questions than I had planned, the activity needed more explaining, and I ended up not being able to fit in the last portion of my lesson. As I saw the ending of class getting closer, I started to panic and would rush, which was obvious to the students and the cooperating teacher. The feedback that my cooperating teacher gave me as that I just have to stay calm, and get done what I can. He said that not everything is going to work as planned, and I need to learn how to adapt my lessons to this. He also suggested that I find a way to keep better track of time in order to assist with getting everything done. In the second lesson that I have shared in this post, I made obvious changes which fit into this feedback. I wrote down an exact time line that I intended to follow, and kept this at the front of the room with me for a reminder. I also wrote it on the board so the students had an idea of how the day would work. I kept a timer on me to make sure I was on task. Sometimes classroom discussions took longer than I had anticipated, but I kept the class on track by telling the students they could share their thoughts during the five minute break. After doing this lesson with my class, my cooperating teacher stated that I seemed more relaxed and the class did not feel rushed. This made for a more comfortable environment. Overall, this growth has shown the importance of adapting to when time changes during a lesson, but that visuals can help with staying on track and getting everything done.


One thought on “Professional Growth – Time Management Skills

  1. This will be something to continue to work on during internship. Make sure that you are revisiting your reflections from pre-internship as you plan for the fall so that you know what areas you really want to focus on!

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