Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is something that will constantly change as I enter new environments and meet new people. I had created a philosophy in my first year of education when I had no prior knowledge of what teaching was like. Now, after completing my pre-internship experience, I feel as though I have been able to begin creating a philosophy of teaching that better represents who I am, and who I want to be as a teacher. As of now, my philosophy focuses on three main parts. They include: student success, creating a safe space, and being a continuous learner.

I believe that all students can be successful. However, finding that student success may not always be easy. As a future teacher, I think that it is important to be willing to make adaptations in order to help students be successful. Not all students learn in the same way, and not all students demonstrate success in the same way. I want my future classroom to be open to student to choice so that they can pick meaningful ways to demonstrate knowledge they have gained. I think this will help to support students in wanting to be successful. I also believe that no student should be left behind. Some students will refuse to work, or will be “lazy”. However, I do not think you can easily give up on these students. Collaboration and communication is important when working with these students to ensure that they are not left behind or forgotten. Everyone deserves a chance to be successful, it might just take some work and time to find out how this success can be achieved.

I believe that classrooms need to be a safe space for all students, as well as the teacher. I plan on teaching health, and within that area comes a lot of topics that can be uncomfortable to talk about. I want to build relationships with my students, and create an environment, that allows for everyone to ask questions, and share their opinions. This might not always happen, but I think by creating this environment, it can help with teaching the “tough” stuff. With this, I believe that honesty is key. I have to be open with my students, if I want them to be open with me.

I believe that as a teacher, I will be a continuous learner. I think that as a teacher, I will have to be open to change. I am going to encounter many different experiences. I have to take all of these as learning experiences so that I can improve my teaching. I want to be someone who has an open door to students, and other staff. This way I can learn from others, and build onto my teaching from that. I have to be willing to admit that I can be wrong, but that there is always room to change and improve. Teaching will be an endless learning experience, I just have to be open to learn from it.


One thought on “Teaching Philosophy

  1. Jordan – I’d suggest that you put your philosophy on a page so that it is easier to find. Also, you may want to add more specific details about what you see as the goal of education, and how that affects your job as an educator. Finally, think about adding in links to lessons that you’ve taught that demonstrate how you are enacting your philosophy in the classroom.

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